Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Some people seem to love reinventing the wheel – why learn from the mistakes of others, when you can learn the same things from your own? Well, for one thing, it might save time and effort trying to fix the outcome, particularly when it comes to implementing ERP systems, which is why I always try and learn from my colleagues, and why I try and pass on my methods to them.

In an ideal world, someone works out the best way of doing something, and then everyone else learns from that. But system implementations don’t occur in an ideal world, and so the same mistakes are made over and over again.

What I want to do is try and reduce the number of mistakes and failed or compromised projects, through writing about the details of my own experience. That is what this site is for – I have spent years learning working methods for implementing systems, often through trial and error, and now I want to pass that knowledge on.

That doesn’t mean that I think I know everything, or that my ways are the best ways, but in the words of Liam Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills in the film Taken: “what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career” … and my methods work.

So please feel free to use and reuse the information on my site, and if you find it helpful, do please let me know through comments, or by email. If we all look out for each other, imagine how awesome we’ll all be together!