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This site contains two strands of information – the first is the Handbook, which is a work-in-progress. The Handbook Contents menu links to a page which shows the planned structure and contents of the book. Completed sections have been published and are shown as red links. I am writing the remainder as fast as I can when I can fit the time in to do so.


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In every project I work on as an ERP Consultant, it is my job to make myself redundant.

Who Is This For?

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If you are involved in planning to implement a new system in a small to medium sized business, have already begun to implement, or have […]

No Bullshit!

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I have combed every paragraph of this website to eliminate all trace of unintentional business bullshit, in all its many varieties, shapes, and sizes. Unless […]

Data Gathering

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At the heart of every business system is one or more databases. In the case of an ERP implementation, the aim is to have a […]

Releasing Records

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Modern software will allow a user simultaneous access to multiple records. This is an incredibly useful facility, but it often leads to records being left open after the user has moved on to another task, presumably because it is inconvenient or too time consuming to spend time releasing records by clearing up multiple open windows or tabs.

Personal Computer Security

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For the duration of an implementation you will probably have administrator access to your client’s software, and it is likely that you will remain logged in to that software as an administrator for the duration of your working day.


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As a trusted consultant – assuming you are – you have access to your client’s crown jewels. By the end of a project you will know who all their key staff are, the strengths and weaknesses of their people and systems, and where the bodies are buried.

Good Practices

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Bullshit alert! The term “best practice” crops up a lot in this business. But it is seldom believable that there is no other practice that isn’t at least as good as the one under discussion.

The Freight Train

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A fully loaded freight train possesses enormous mass, takes much energy to accelerate to operating speed, and once there moves with great momentum. Changing course requires effective containment of huge tangential forces attempting to maintain a straight line, and emergency stops are measured in minutes and miles.