Excel – Testing Equivalences

I spend my working life implementing Maconomy, BizView, and other ERP and data analysis systems, and I often have to clean and prepare data sets for importing to database tables. This nearly always involves constructing a clean data set in an Excel sheet – often from more than one source – and for this work there are a number of methods I use time and again. Continue reading “Excel – Testing Equivalences”

What Makes a System Accountant?

A System Accountant (SA) is a jack of all trades and a master of some; prepared to turn his or her hand to any aspect of getting a system live and keeping it running. He or she is trainer, analyst, PM, developer, runner, author, data cleaner, converter, build manager, troubleshooter, lateral thinker, problem solver, explainer, diviner, mind-reader, demonstrator, experimenter, and pioneer.

There is no particular formalised training path for the role of System Accountant, but there are essential elements for anyone wanting to become one.

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